Hello Rick, could you introduce yourself and your company ?

My name is Rick Song and I'm both Regulatory Compliance Engineer and PLM administrator for Landmark-Tech ( http://landmark-tech.com/).

Landmark-Tech is founded in 2008, and is a company provides embedded computing products and solutions, including industrial PC subsystem and communication boards for long life cycle applications such focus on industrial automation, medical imaging, and telecommunication equipment.

Please, could you present your OpenPLM project ?

It is amazing that we did some development base on the standard OpenPLM according our special requirements and deployed a stable and robust OpenPLM server in half year.

Now, we are starting managing our products lifecycle with OpenPLM, and we are planning to formally move 100% to OpenPLM for long term solution within one year.

What were/are the major issues of this project ?

Here is the issues I noticed :

The biggest problem is we have different workflow and BOM structure, for this reason, we have to customize the OpenPLM.

To define the specification of customization. For me, it is really a big task; however, with the experiences of Philippe and our communication, we finally worked out one. Based on this draft specification, we co-work and finish the development and validation via Trac system .

Language: We speak different mother language, and that makes us a little bit uncomfortable. Nevertheless we can communicate in English, and sometimes pictures work better than words.

Validation is not an easy work but, fortunately, we overcome these issues during project process.

How did/does the collaboration take place ?

LandmarkTech is looking for a cost-effective and suitable PLM solution. Among some candidates, we chose OpenPLM for some reasons:

OpenPLM’s user interface is relatively better.

We co-work with Mr. Philippe who is very experienced in PLM industry and high quality coding.

What were his contributions ?

On a technical point of view : Project technical estimation, feasibility study, Coding and bug fixing.

On a project management point of view, Philippe is very active during co-work, and is always willing to provide help on many aspects.

He built a Trac system so that we can we can easily create and track issues, and it is also a good way in project progress tracking, because it has milestones management.

Also, Philippe also provide some estimation and evaluation to let LandmarkTech make decision on key points during collaboration.

What do you keep in mind about that collaboration ?

Philippe is very good at understanding customer’s requirements; I think the reason is that he is really familiar enough to PLM system, and always providing some good ideas and solution based on my requirements. Also that’s why he can be very confident with OpenPLM.

http://www.openplm.org/images/landmark-tech-logo.jpeg http://www.openplm.org/images/landmark-tech_product.jpg http://www.openplm.org/images/landmark-tech_pic1.png http://www.openplm.org/images/landmark-tech_pic2.png