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CAD Connector Suggestion


Recently, some friends and I (Mech Eng. students) have come across the need for PLM and have subsequently installed OpenPLM on our Linux server.

When it comes to CAD, we primarily use a package known as Geomagic Design (formerly Alibre Design Expert) as we need compatibility with machines at university (they use Geomagic Design, CATIA and Solidworks).

We would use FreeCAD however the university doesn't support/allow/install it so we ended up getting Geomagic Design Licences (a huge investment for us) so we could work both at home and at uni.

I was wondering, since there is a FreeCAD connector, is there any chance of an OpenPLM connector / addin for Geomagic Design being developed anytime soon??

I can provide "Geomagic Design API Help" a document detailing the Geomagic Design API should anyone be interested in adding integration for Geomagic Design, I would however have to provide a download link to it as its more than 256kb.

Many thanks in advance,