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OpenPLM 2.0 "Kourou" is out / Sortie d'OpenPLM 2.0

The LinObject team is very proud to announce the official release of OpenPLM 2.0 " Kourou".

The main new features are :

  • New Login page
  • New Home page
  • New buttons, toolbars, icons based on Twitter bootstrap standard
  • Search enhancement
  • File Upload/Download improvement
  • Full-screen for Navigate and 3D viewer
  • Step files 3D view is display as a tree-view
  • Possibility to write rich formatted texts and Documents(wiki syntax)
  • Assembly promotion in two clicks
  • Each user can add his/her Avatar
  • And several other enhancements
  • More informations available here : OpenPLM 2.0 Whatsnew page

Online 2.0 demo here :

Online tutorial here :

All Members of the OpenPLM Professional Network can download it here :

Best Regards,


  • Message #165

    Just curious will OpenPLM 2.0 eventually be released to those without a professional network agreement?

    Thanks, Darren

    • Message #166

      Hi Darren,

      See  here : "Professional Networks members have privileged access to ressources to use, install, administrate and develop efficiently with the support of  LinObject, the company which edit OpenPLM."

      For the moment, OpenPLM 2.0 is available for Professional Network members only.

      Thanks, Philippe


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