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index does not update automatically (or with event)

I have to manually logon to the server and rebuild the index (./ rebuild_index) udpate_index does not work which means that creating a peridocic task of [openPLM.plmapp.tasks.update_index] does not work either.

Any tips on updating the index so that the search will work right after a new item is loaded or build.


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    So to follow up... it looks like this issue (index not updating) is a byproduct of the problem I'm having with the model creation from my previous post. As long as I do not 're-index' after I built a new model the system will perform as normal. Once I re-index I receive an error stating that the model link does not exist and then the index will no longer function.

    I need a good method for creating a new model that can be revised. I'm looking for a Mechanical and Electrical part model that works.


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      One more follow on note. When I follow the 'bicycle' tutorial I notice two things...

      1. The data base will brake the index capabilities after 're-indexing'.
      2. There revision for a 'bicycle' part does not work.


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