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root password

what is the root password for the openplmserver4community Linux server edition.(

I would like to add a new language locale. But can not login to pre-installed Linux server with root password.

thank you in advance.

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    To change the root you have to boot to the root shell in read/write mode and update the password from there. Here is how you do it....

    1. Reboot the VM
    2. When the GRUB screen appears press 'e' to edit the grub commands
    3. on the line starting with 'linux' change the boot to read/write by changing the 'ro' (after the UUID#) to 'rw' (no quotes) for read write
    4. at the end of the same line have the system boot to the command shell by adding 'init=/bin/bash' (no quotes)
    5. Press CTRL+x to reboot into the shell
    6. Change the root password: enter command 'passwd' (no quotes).

    NOTE: keep in mind that the default keyboard is not standard US. Check by pressing the a and q keys which will be mixed up if the settings are different. I just changed the root password to pppppp for starters and then updated from a ssh shell where they keyboard was correctly default.



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