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Indexes are not updated when adding object

I have problems making automatic index updating work. The funny thing is that it works in some cases, for example when importing several parts from csv. But as a rule I have to reindex the whole database after adding a part or document.

As a workaround I have added a button next to the "SEARCH"-button named "REINDEX", which is running " rebuild_index". It makes the solution usable, but not ideal.

The system is *so close* to being perfect now, so please is anybody has any ideas...

My system:

Ubuntu desktop 16.04 LTS PostgreSQL 9.5 Python 2.7.12

Django 1.5.2 Celery 3.1.0 django-haystack 1.2.7 python-xapian 1.2.22 lepl 5.1.3 south 0.7.6 markdown 2.6.9

Thanks, Per

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    Do you use openplm? I have Catia V5-6 R2017, and im surching any plm...

    Thank by advance,


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