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3.9. subversion – Subversion Repository Application

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3.10. webdav – WebDAV support


This application is still in early development stage.

This application adds a WebDAV access to the documents and files stored by openPLM.

Currently, openPLM exports all documents and follows this tree structure: /type/reference/revision/files*.

An user can get one or more files, add file to document and delete files.

OpenPLM checks that all actions are legal: for example, it prevents an user from deleting a file of an official document.

Lock, unlock, collections creation and properties edition are not implemented.


To enable the webdav application, it must be enabled in the settings file: add 'openPLM.apps.webdav' to the list of installed applications (INSTALLED_APPS).

3.10.2. Digest authentication

Windows client requires either a SSL connection (recommended) or a digest authentication.

To enable the digest authentication:

  • Install mercurial (apt-get install mercurial)
  • pip install "hg+" python_digest
  • Add django_digest to the list of installed applications
  • Run ./ migrate django_digest
  • Users must login via the web interface before using the webdav access

3.10.3. Apache

Make sure that

WSGIPassAuthorization On

is set on your apache configuration file.

3.10.4. Testing

To test this application, access to http://server/dav/ with a WebDAV client and browse your documents.