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3.2. calendrier – Calendar views

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3.1. badges -


This application is still in early development stage.

This application add a “BADGES” tab on user profile.


To enable the badges application, it must be enabled in the settings file: add 'openPLM.apps.badges' to the list of installed applications (INSTALLED_APPS). You must also add a middleware: add 'openPLM.apps.badges.middleware.GlobalRequest' to the MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES setting (after the ProfileLocaleMiddleware).

3.1.2. Synchronizing the database

Run ./ migrate badges.

3.1.3. Collecting static files

Run ./ collectstatic.

3.1.4. Award badges

If you already had installed an openPLM, you can award badges to all users according to what they have done before the application has been installed.

For that run ./ award_badges.

3.1.5. Testing

Log in openPLM , go to your profile (then tab “BADGES”) and check if you have won a badge.

If you didn’t get any badge, fill your profile (first name, last name and email), you should get the Autobiographer badge (one of the easiest).

From the “BADGES” tab and pages which describe the badges, you can reach a list of all available badges.